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Margaret Dayton » Fine Arts Night - 3rd Grade + Choir Performance

Fine Arts Night - 3rd Grade + Choir Performance

The 3rd grade classes and the LES Choir have been preparing songs for their music program this year, they will be performing folk songs from around the world!  They will be featured as part of our Fine Arts Night on Monday May 9th!


The performance portion of the evening will begin at 6:00PM with the art show beginning at 4:00pm.


We ask that your student arrives 15-20 minutes before the performance begins.


Students are asked to wear a LES shirt or any color, if your student does not have an LES shirt a solid colored shirt will work as well. (Choir students wear their choir shirts).


Feel free to contact me by email ([email protected]) with any questions



Be a Lady

"Be a Lady" was a song from our BUGZ performance featuring 2nd Grade Lady Bug dancers and 4th and 5th grade Choir soloists!

Choir Song - Hamburger with an Order of Flies

The 4th and 5th Grade Choir opened our BUGZ performance with the song "Hamburger with an Order of Flies."
2nd Grade Performance
The 2nd Grade students did an AMAZING job on their performance of BUGZ! I am so proud of all the hard work that they put into their songs and speaking parts! And there were some awesome bug costumes! Great job 2nd Grade!

2nd Grade Program Information

The 2nd grade classes are beginning to prepare and rehearse for their music program this year, we are doing BUGZ!  The performance will be ­­on Monday April 11th at 6:00pm.

We ask that your student arrives 15-20 minutes before their program begins.

Students are asked to dress as bugs! Your student may be asked to be a specific bug – if they have a speaking part or solo role. If not a bug of their choice is fine!

The LES Choir 4th and 5th grade students will also be performing as part of the BUGZ performance.

Please fill out and return the bottom of the form sent home so that speaking/solo parts can be determined based on who is available.

Feel free to contact me by email ([email protected]) with any questions!

Bug Costumes
2nd Grade Students are performing BUGz on April 11th. Here are some easy bug costume ideas!

Honeybee: Yellow padded costume, black leotard on the legs; perhaps a black strip around the middle and some wings fastened on the back; antennas on the head, maybe carrying an oversized, labeled jar of honey 

Yellow Jacket: Another bee (bigger than the honeybee) wearing a yellow jacket of course. 

Horsefly: Could add cowboy-like props with perhaps a broom pony to ride.

Lady Bug: Red shirts covered with black dots, black leotards, white gloves or round tag/poster board bodies with black dots

Firefly:  Mostly dressed in black, carrying flashlights or maybe a flashlight attached to backside.


4th and 5th Grade Chorus - Updated

Sign up your student for the LES Chorus using this link:
Rehearsals will be Tuesdays 2:30-4:00 and will start January 25.
The LES chorus will have around 3 performances - one in March, in April and in May.
Students in chorus have to abide by LES rules and expectations.

1st Grade Christmas Program

If you missed the December 14th evening performance by the 1st Grade classes you can watch it here! I am so proud of all the hard work that the 1st grade students put into their performance! They did an amazing job! They sang Christmas songs along to the poem, "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Virtual Veteran's Day Program

Happy Veteran's Day! In order to celebrate those who have served the 4th grade students learned two patriotic songs to sing in honor of our veterans! A thank you to all the teachers and staff that sent in pictures of veterans to honor and a big thank you to Ms. Smith and her work preparing the 4th graders' American Flag artwork for the presentation! I hope you enjoy!

1st Grade Christmas Program

The 1st grade classes are beginning to prepare and rehearse for their Christmas Music Performance this year!  The performance will be on December 14th! The program will begin at 6:00PM. We ask that you get your student to the school 15-20 minutes before the program begins.

Welcome Back to School!

Hello! I'm Maggie Dayton!

This is my first year at Lascassas Elementary and my 6th year teaching music. I am so excited to join the wonderful community at Lascassas Elementary! I grew up in Williamson County and studied at Vanderbilt University where I got my Bachelor's in Music and Masters in Education.

I am married to my lovely husband Michael Dayton and have a dog named Sammy! We love camping, hiking and playing ultimate frisbee together. I love music and look forward to a great year with all of the students here at Lascassas Elementary! 
Feel free to contact me with any questions of concerns at [email protected]