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Welcome to the LES Music webpage! 
Last Updated on: Friday, February 23rd, 2018
After school ensemble info:
Next Rehearsal:
Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
2:30-4:00 PM 
Next Rehearsal: 
Thursday, March 1st, 2018
2:30-4:00 PM
What are general music classes working on in January?
Kindergarten  Singing games (so-mi), ta, ta-di, rest 
1st Grade  ta, ta-di, rest, notation of rhythm, identifying so-mi-la, improvisation movement/melody, steady beat vs. rhythm , barred instrument playing 
2nd Grade ta, ta-di, ta-ka-di-mi, ta di mi, ta ka di, rest, barred instrument playing, steady beat vs. rhythm, notation of so-mi-la, do, re, folk dance, singing games 
3rd Grade Treble clef note names, Recorder Rocks! (about to start program for Fine Arts Night)
4th Grade
Treble clef note names, Recorder Karate I (about to start CMHF unit)
5th Grade  Treble clef note names, Recorder Karate II (about to start ukulele unit)
"Tell Me, I’ll Forget.
Show Me, I’ll Remember.
Involve Me, I’ll Understand."
Chinese Proverb
All Lascassas Elementary students receive 45 minutes of music per week. Music classes are based on hands-on learning. Students learn about music by CREATING, RESPONDING, CONNECTING, and PERFORMING to music and musical concepts. The National Association for Music Education’s National Standards for Music Education are the cornerstone in which each lesson built upon.

Students are being introduced to the ta-ka-di-mi rhythm counting system as well as reading rhythms with numbers. Students also learn and apply the sol-fa singing system of moveable do. 

All students will also be learning about and experiencing music by using the Lascassas Music Mac Lab. The music room has 12 iMac computers which students will be using to create, compose, respond, and learn about music and music concepts.
5th grade students will be working on recorder using the Recorder Karate curriculum. Recorders may be purchased at any music store. 5th graders will also be learning about and playing ukulele.

4th graders will begin recorder in the Spring semester and will also participate in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Word and Music Program. 
Contact Information:
Mrs. Alexis Yatuzis-Derryberry 
Lascassas Music Specialist 

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