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Welcome to LES ART

Virtual ART on KIDDOM: recording posted on Fridays
I will post lessons on KIDDOM each week for each grade Some lessons will have recordings.
I know my virtual learners will go faster at home than my in person learners. I will provide additional resources here on my webpage under the grade level tag &/or Lascassas Art Studio tag. So always check back here:)
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions:
Supplies: If we are doing an art lesson in class and you do not have supplies, please email me. I will get you the supplies. I will try to provide optional ideas for the supplies. Pick up days are Monday and Thursdays 9-10 am.
Art 2020
Parents I know we all are trying to figure out how this will work for the school year. My goal is not to change much with my art content. However I do have to change how I do my supplies. For the in person students, students will not share supplies. I have gathered enough supplies for each grade level.  After a class uses their individual box, I will disinfect it, set aside for 24 hours. Then the next class in that grade level will get to use the supplies.
Since, I can not have a communal supply for sharing, the art class will need supplies to replenish the grade level boxes. If you would like to donate art supplies/cleaning, here is what we will need:
Hand sanitizer
Sharpie sets
Black sharpies
LYSOL SPRAY!!! or any disinfectant spray
scissors: big and small
white erasers
tissue paper from your presents from birthdays and Christmas.
Twistable colored pencils
Thank you!!!
art to remember
We are in the process of working on our artwork for ART TO REMEMBER. Order forms will come home in February.
Please email me if you are a distance learner and need paper to complete the artwork. We can ONLY use the paper given to us by the company.
Thank you for all parents for being so patient and supportive with getting delayed products to you.
Also, thank you for supporting your child's art program!